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Scrub Your Feet for Sandals!
Make sure you are exfoliating the tops, sides, and bottoms of your feet at least twice a week in the shower. You want your feet soft for the summer sandals. Use a loofah sponge to exfoliate tops, sides and bottom of your feet. Remember to scrub all of your toes too. After drying with a fluffy towel, apply your favorite moisturizer generously and then put on a thick (warm from the dryer) pair of socks on for a pampered feeling.
For Naturally Tan Hands & Feet
If you use a self-tanner on your hands and feet, use a make-up sponge to blend well around the fingers and toes. If you take your time in applying carefully, it will look very natural.
Here's a Foot Refresher
After soaking feet in warm water, massage feet with a mixture of 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1 tablespoon sugar, and 1 tablespoon crushed dried peppermint. Remove with a warm, damp washcloth.
Ouch! Hangnails!
Pierce a 400 IU vitamin E capsule and massage a drop into hangnail to soften and speed healing.
Nourish Your Nails
Try supplementing your already healthy eating plan with Barleygreen. It has 90% digestible protein for healthy and strong nails.
A Natural Nail File
Use a Popsicle stick to file your natural nails.
Help Nail Polish Glide On
Dip a cotton ball in a facial astringent to remove any excess oil on your nails. Polish will go on much smoother.
For Foot Calluses
Always use a pumice stone - no razors or other cutters.
Pale Polish Yellowing?
Use a topcoat that contains an ultraviolet inhibitor.
Yellow, Stained Toenails?
Make sure to wear a basecoat under polish to prevent this.
Dulled Nail Polish?
Dab a little olive oil over each nail and rub in. Nails will regain a glossy, gleaming shine.
Rx for Acrylic nails
Almond oil will stop acrylic nails from dehydrating and coming away from the nail plate.
Rx for Brittle nails
Rub a vitamin E capsule on as a moisturizer.
Can't Find a File?
In a pinch, use the part of a matchbook used for striking the match.
For An Invigorating Foot Bath
Soak your feet in warm soapy water that has a teaspoon of peppermint extract added to it. Gently scrub your feet and use a pumice stone to smooth calluses and rough skin.
To Prevent Corns & Calluses
Footwear should leave plenty of room for your toes to wiggle. Walk around in the shoes in the store for 5 minutes before deciding to buy. If they're going to hurt your feet, you will know in the first 5 minutes.
For The Best Nail Shape
Fingers look longer and more slender with straight-sided nails that have slightly rounded tips. This shape is the most flattering for short nails too and will help make hands look more graceful.
Prevent Bubbling Nail Polish
Wait for first coat to dry completely before applying another.
Filing Tips
Never file nails right after a shower or after they have been in water. They will be too soft and tear very easily.
They should never be longer than the end of your toes. Trim toenails with toenail clipper in a straight or slightly curved shape. Use a file to round the corners. Smooth down any rough edges with a fine file.
Consider Foot Circulation
Elevate your feet at least 15 minutes a day to help improve circulation.
Got Nails That Won't Grow?
Mix 1 packet unflavored gelatin with 1 tablespoon almond oil. Store in an airtight container at room temperature. Massage into nails daily to help grow them long and strong.
For Rough Cuticles
Wet your fingertips with water and dip them into cornmeal. Massage and rinse with tepid water. Buff nails with a nail brush while rinsing to make sure you remove all the cornmeal. Dry thoroughly and apply hand cream.
For Brittle Nails
Rub a waxy lip balm into nails 3 times a day to protect, condition and seal in moisture. Or, once a week, apply almond oil to nails and hands, cover with socks or gloves and wear them overnight. After a shower rub in a little almond oil. It will soak in easily.
Rx for Discolored Nails
Dissolve a tablet of denture cleanser in warm water and soak fingers until the stains disappear.
Rx for Chapped Hands
Slather on petroleum jelly, cover with gloves and let sink in.
Eat Right to Strengthen Nails
Double your helping of fresh fruits and vegetables and your nails will grow strong.
Got Dull Nails?
Massage a drop of castor oil onto each nail and buff excess away with a tissue. Your nails will have an all natural high gloss without polish.
Rx for Discolored Nails
Whiten your nails by mixing 1 tablespoon hydrogen peroxide with 3 tablespoons baking soda. Apply to nails (underneath and over tops) with a cotton swab. Leave on for 3-5 minutes then rise with warm water. Apply hand lotion.
To Get Rid of Ridges
Using a soft nail disc, buff ridges horizontally using a gentle back and forth motion. Do not over buff. Once your ridges are smoothed, rub in lotion.
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