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Success Stories from High Energy Fitness clients -- I would love to add your success story!
Working with Nancy was a great way to jump start my fitness program. She helped tailor a routine that I could pursue on my own. I am feeling stronger, more energetic, and most importantly, more positive about my fitness future. The summer boot camp was a great way to meet some women who had the same goals and could be supportive of each other--not to mention inspire me to get up and get going! Thanks, Nancy! Sheila, Silver Spring, Maryland

I wanted you to know that all of the hard work we started last spring is paying off. As you know, I couldn't work out for several years due to an accident that left my back and neck injured. After training with you through the winter and spring, I have been working out several times a week through. Thanks for your encouragement throughout. I also wanted you to know I've been brave enough to start up at my regular gym, doing yoga, treadmill, weights, core exercises and some boot camp workouts. This past summer I even did water aerobics and kick boxing. Jaylene, Silver Spring, Maryland

Nancy is a very kind and knowledgeable trainer. I started working with her 6 weeks after my daughter was born and really enjoyed the companionship of working out with other moms. Nancy's model for fitness is great, having a space for moms to work out and space for the babies to play is invaluable. I enjoyed the plan that Nancy put me on which was right at my level for postpartum and she was a great new mom support! -- Pleasance, Washington, D.C.

I contacted Nancy in January 2008 when I had regained 40 of the 45 pounds I'd lost after I had my daughter in 2004. I felt out of control, and wasn't sure how to get back on track. Nancy and I met, and her relaxed but clearly knowledgable approach seemed a good fit. She developed a weight-training routine for me to do every other day, and encouraged cardio that I enjoyed on alternate days. I began to see results in about 4-6 weeks (especially in my mid-section), but the weight was not yet coming off - and I wanted to see more of my ab muscles! Nancy and I talked about different eating approaches and paths to motivation in that area. With her support, and the help of a trusted advisor, I came up with an eating plan that worked for me. The combination of the eating plan and the regular exercise (I work out about six days a week) has really worked, and I am now 24 pounds lighter than I was when we started. I credit Nancy with my effective workouts, and with her encouragement, I've begun running and walking regularly as well. She checks in a lot via email, and I feel like there's someone else who cares about my journey. She is not a drill sergeant - she is a knowledgeable friend who gently - and effectively! - pushes you toward your goals. I can't recommend Nancy highly enough. -- Marta, Kensington, Maryland

I started working with Nancy in order to prepare for a 60-mile walking vacation. I knew that I needed to walk more but was pretty clueless about how else to train for something requiring such a high level of endurance, especially in light of some chronic health problems. Nancy took the time to understand my health situation and my goals. She explained how strength training contributes to endurance and the importance of improving balance and flexibility. She has taught me a variety of exercises to keep my workouts fresh and interesting, so my motivation has stayed high. I have really appreciated her periodic e-mails between sessions, both as a chance to clarify any issues that might come up when working on my own and as a reminder that my progress matters to her too. So, after just six months of working together, I’m up to walking 35+ miles per week and feeling great. The improvements in my fitness level and energy have been noticed by friends and family. I am confident that my vacation trek will be a joy, not an ordeal, thanks in large measure to working with Nancy. -- RM, Silver Spring, MD

Thank you for offering your mom's fitness class. I'm so glad that I found you. It means a lot to me to be able to exercise and be with my son. Also, I've really enjoyed being with the other moms. They have been a great resource for me. You have created a warm and welcoming space for us. Thank you. -- Trish, Potomac

Nancy's class is an inspiration! Not only do you get to chat with other moms but you get to work out, laugh and joke, get fit and lose weight too! Best bit -- if you need an extra 2 minutes on the exercise bike, there's someone to hold and entertain your baby. Nancy has a wonderful way with children and they are sure to have fun too playing with a variety of toys and other kids. I am sure there will be no one and no where as good to work out in the UK and wish I could take Nancy and my fellow work-out moms with me. Highly, highly recommended. -- Debra, Washington, D.C.

This class is a blessing! Without Nancy's program I never would have be able to achieve as much as I have in such a short time. Since December 2004 I have lost 60 lbs. and my clothes are feeling and looking much better. The husband is also smiling a lot more! -- Sonia, Silver Spring

One of the great things about Nancy is that she isn't intimidating like some of the trainers you find at a gym. She's a mom and understands the flexibility necessary to create a workable fitness program when you have young children around. You really get a good workout in her class and it's so encouraging to have other moms offering support. -- Jennifer, Silver Spring

Tackling motherhood for the first or fifth time can be stressful enough. Then you add running a household and sometimes managing a career too. So who needs the added stress of exercising on a regular basis? All of us who intend on keeping up with our little ones. That's why I think Nancy's mom's class is a wonderful success. Since the beginning, Nancy has been such a support to me on many levels - as a trainer, a mother and a friend. Her class is unique because it combines two essential ingredients for health - the mental and the physical. Each program is catered to the individual's needs, abilities and goals. If you pursue a particular event or physical goal; she will challenge you as much as you let her. She is very educated in her field and is active in local races and attends area fitness seminars. I have been in her mother's group for 2 1/2 years. The children are really receptive to the class. They enjoy the interaction not just with the other kids but also with the other mothers. It's a wonderful way to work off baby weight and obtain personal fitness goals. -- Barbara, Kensington

Nancy's approach to fitness has changed my life. She is the third trainer that I've worked with, and the one I credit with finally helping me to lose those extra inches from my pregnancy...and then some. Nancy's personal attention really pushes you that extra mile or two... She has encouraged me to exercise consistently, set realistic and attaintable goals, and reach them. I am now in the best shape of my life. -- Jill, Chevy Chase

I want you to know that I still use the workout routine that you created for me. Even with having a second baby I am now 15 pounds lighter than I was last you saw me. I will give testimony any day that you do great things for the people that you work with!! -- Sarah, Washington, D.C.

Thanks for all the help you have given me so far. Not only have I lost 15 pounds, but I also have new friends for both me and Emily. You have really made such a positive difference in my transfer to Maryland. -- Kim, Gaithersburg

Those last 25 pounds weren't going away on their own....About 2 months after my first child was born, I realized that going the distance back to my pre-pregnancy body was up to me, but I needed help! I was stuck on how and where to begin. My main issue was that I had a very intense baby who did not take kindly to separations spanning more than a few minutes and/or a few feet at a time (or at least it seemed that way at the time). I needed to find a place where I could feel comfortable taking care of my infant's needs along with my own, even if that meant strapping him on via Baby Bjorn while I exercised, or stopping a workout to breastfeed. Nancy's new mom's classes was the answer. Nancy was completely serious when she told me that I could build a program starting with 3 and 5 pound weights that would change my body and my life. It was all about getting started, but not doing so much that I couldn't keep going. Even on days when I felt like I could barely lift my eyelids, much less free weights, I always felt better having gone to the new moms classes. Turning on a workout video or trying to go it alone on a Nordic Track would never have provided me with the same benefits as an individualized program from a fitness professional. Nancy is positive, energetic, patient and knowledgeable. Beyond that, Nancy is a first-time mom herself, and I think that makes a huge difference in her approach to moms' fitness. It also explains her welcoming approach to having infants and toddlers on hand during workouts. So...did I "lose the weight"? Yes, a feat that I attribute wholeheartedly to the training and support I received from Nancy and the women with whom I have exercised. When we meet, we are not just "lifting weights"; we are providing social and psychological support to each other in our dual journeys through physical fitness and motherhood. Who knew being a mom was such physical work?!! -- Erin, Bethesda

The unique and wonderful thing about Nancy's class (the mom's class) is that it becomes a real social time for the kids. They enjoy each other tremendously, and the moms have a real opportunity to work out. My daughter will start pre-school in the fall and I've scheduled it AROUND our workout. I wouldn't want her to miss her friends! -- Jessica, Washington, D.C.

Stick with Nancy and you will see results. Yes, you will workout, but no, you won't have to endure a grueling workout from a drill sergeant. You won't have to build up your "gym confidence" on those home videos before you feel comfortable coming to class. -- Jill, Chevy Chase


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