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Keep The Weight Off With A Personal Trainer in Kensington, Maryland

Here are the ten golden rules of weight loss success:

1) You are an experiment of one. No one else is living your life with your specific challenges, biochemistry, anatomy, injury history, calendar, job or family. Take the time to find out what works for you!

2) When something works, excuse-proof it. Make the weight loss habits that work for you as easy as possible to practice. Keep tempting foods out of your house, out of sight and out of mind.

3) When something stops working, stop working it. Give any new strategy at least a week before you call it quits.

4) Take good notes. A 2008 study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that among 1,700 overweight runners, those who keep a food diary more than five days a week lost almost twice as much as those who didn't.

5) Take a time out. Scientists have shown it can take less than two minutes for a craving to disappear from your consciousness. Take a walk around the block and see if that craving is still there.

6) Test your hunger with an apple. Are you truly hungry? If you are, an apple will satisfy you. If you're craving something specific like chips, you're probably hankering for relief from something else, like boredom.

7) Get outside. In a 2014 study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, participants who spent time in a wooded, natural setting felt more restored and had better moods, more creativity and vitality, and lower levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) compared with those who spent time in an urban setting.

8) Reach out. A study published in the May 2012 issue of Obesity found that in a program where 34 percent of participants lost at least five percent of their body weight, a powerful factor was "social influence"; that is, close friends with similar goals who acted as a team, worked out together, and exchanged pep-talk emails.

9) Compromise, don't sacrifice. If your eating and exercise habits are making you feel deprived, lonely and irritable, those strategies will not work. Change something.

10) Set up non food rewards. Make a list of five things unrelated to food to celebrate your success.

Thanks to Runners World magazine for this information.

I can help you put together a plan that fits into your daily life. You'll get support and encouragment to help you reach your goals!

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Without Nancy's program I never would have be able to achieve as much as I have in such a short time. I have lost 60 lbs. and my clothes are feeling and looking much better. The husband is also smiling a lot more!
-- Sonia, Silver Spring

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