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Best Time for Exercise with a Personal Trainer Rockville, Maryland
What is the best time to exercise?

You've read or heard all kinds of things -- first thing in the morning is best because it will speed up your metabolism and you will burn more calories all day long.

You've heard exercise in the early morning is best to avoid the worst air pollution.

You've read exercise in the afternoon is best because your body will have time to wake up and warm up.

You've heard that exercising before dinner will reduce your appetite.

You've read that exercise in the evening won't work because it will rev you up and keep you from getting a good night's sleep.

So what's the right time to exercise? The best time to exercise is the time that works for you. Whatever time fits into your schedule the best is the right time for you to exercise.

If you enjoy getting up early and exercising first thing, this is the right time for you. If you feel most energetic at noon, then that's your best time. If you're a night owl and prefer exercising late in the evening, that's the right time for you!

Do you have a problem finding the time to exercise? Studies show that three 10 minute sessions a day are just as effective for weight loss and fitness as one 30 minute session. Women ages 31 to 57 who squeezed in three 10-minute walks most days of the week lost nearly twice as many inches off their waistlines as those who did single 30-minute sessions, according to British research.

The best time is the time that works for you! Need help with getting started or scheduling the best time for you? Call Nancy at 301-332-3523 to start your High Energy Fitness program today! You deserve to look and feel your best!

I offer in-home personal training to clients in Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Gaithersburg, Kensington, Northwest DC, Olney, Rockville, Silver Spring and Takoma Park.  


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